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    Why IIR?

    Why India Interior Retailing?

    With a higher disposable income in hand, the desire to have a beautiful home is gaining new grounds among the urban population. Accordingly, the demand for home and interior items is growing. Add to this the rural population’s basic requirements of home textiles and furniture, and the Indian home market is enigmatic.

    While the retailers are modifying their business models and finding out new ways to capture the customers’ attention, our first-hand interactions with the doers reveal the need for a forum/platform wherein they can come together, discuss issues faced by them, find out solutions, know about the current trends and network for more business opportunities. India Interior Retailing (IIR) aims to fill the gap and provide healthy environment for positive exchange of dialogues and networking among the fraternity.

    IIR intends to bring together leaders from the nation’s top interior retailers and suppliers to learn, share ideas, develop businesses, build new partnerships and solve problems across the retail space.

    The GOAL of IIR is to facilitate engaging discussions around the following so as to build the knowledge of the retailers and equip them with unique tips to achieve growth:


    – Best practices in interior retailing
    – Challenges & Opportunities
    – Current trends in interior retail
    – Branding of showrooms or not?
    – How to differentiate yourself from others?
    – How to grow the retail chain
    – How to design showrooms to enhance customer engagement, and more…