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    Founder’s Desk

    Bridging the Gap Since Nineteen Years

    19 years back while working at the ground level and interacting with different manufacturers across the country, I found the manufacturing sector in wood & plywood sector disoriented & unorganised. Most of the them were working in silos and meaningful information exchange was missing. The manufacturing community in the realm of wood, timber, laminate, plywood, furniture,needed a medium to communicate, engage and share. The Ply Reporter evolved as that medium to bridge the gap. Today, I feel proud when people call it ‘The voice of wood & panel trade in India.’


    Seeing how The Ply Reporter started making a difference through continuous engagement with the manufacturing community, Surfaces Reporter (SR) was launched in 2011. Right at the outset, it focused on materials and products in a unique & informative way. There are several magazines on interiors but most of them usually printed the ready photos of projects of architects which in today’s date are easily available on Google. Research was again the missing element. SR brought a new paradigm to materials and products, adding the knowledge element to it. People started looking forward to it as it became the Materials and Products magazine that informed about latest products, innovations, designs and the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of material choices.

    While we were busy bringing the manufacturing, architecture and design community together, we realised, we are not paying much attention to a very important link to the chain, i.e. ‘Interior Retailing’. This nodal point was disconnected and unorganised as well, and we wanted to do something about it. Thus, India Interior Retailing (IIR) was born. IIR is set up with the objectives of enabling dialogues within the retailing community and spreading the best market practices through knowledge and information, executing research and analysis with an intent to forecast the latest trends in interior retailing industry of India. Through IIR we want to recognise people who are doing good in the retail and manufacturing segment. We want to enable an equal platform for exchange of dialogues, where visionaries of the industry can share their thoughts through inspiring talks and these can be documented for the future generations joining the Interior Retail business.

    Thank you architects and the retailing communities of Lucknow, Ahmedabad and Bangalore for the hugely successful IIR conclaves in the respective cities. I am looking forward to meet you all through the IIR events which are going to happen across the country till we gather for the IIR Mega Event on 11-12 October, NSIC Ground, New Delhi.


    Happy Retailing…

    Pragat Dvivedi