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    Views and Opinions

    IIR started with The Talk of Town City events by Surfaces Reporter and The Ply Reporter so most of the opinions are combined for both of them.

    “I found INDIA INTERIOR RETAILING event and SRPR THE TALK OF TOWN resourceful and worth to me. I listened to a few eminent personalities but was deeply impressed by the sessions of Vertica Dvivedi and Niraj Shah. Both were very relevant and practical to the discussion. This was the only event which had the emphasis of Practical touch I ever attended. I took many positives of this and surely will help us to grow.”

    Mr Suthar

    Dhanji & Sons

    “The principle of retailing is not just good Display. I am happy to share my strong thoughts through Ply Reporter’s INDIA INTERIOR RETAILING conclave and looking forward to more such discussions in future.”

    Ar Sanjay Agarwal


    “Don’t sell the product, give the right knowledge and be transparent when you are selling. I am glad to be a part of Ply Reporter’s INDIA INTERIOR RETAILING. The dialogues between us is important.”

    Ar Geetha V G

    FAC Architects

    I enjoyed being at IIR Event. I must say that yours was the most well organised event I have spoken at, in recent times. Well done!

    Anil Bhaskaran

    Idea centre Architects Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore

    “We changed and evolved our business according to the market, from timber to plywood. Acceptance of the market is very important in our business, then only we can serve our consumers effectively.”

    Mr Surendra Patel

    Wood Nation

    “I studied and researched what is the demand of the market and we met so many architects and interior designers to explore the market. Basically we should place ourselves according to the market and cater to it.”

    Mr Tushar K Ganatra

    Fabwood, Kayu & Kov

    “There was an opportunity and need of the market and our showroom happened. This is the 4th generation. We started from timber business and now we have the whole product range.”

    Mr Jignesh R P

    Aaren Intpro

    “Touch and feel of the product has become so vital. Today architects and interior designers don’t have time. How you personalise your business is important. I believe that competition is not among us; we are competing with the market of Italy and China.”

    Ar Indrajit Kembhavi

    Kembhavi Architects

    “Somewhere we still have that ‘Chandni Chowk, Colaba street, Connaught place within us. In those times, the display was not important, it was the character of the retailer that we associated with. Their shop was a brand because of their brand DNA. Today we can differentiate between showrooms, which look the same, only on the basis of vision, philosophy & working principles.”

    Ar Vivek Vashistha


    “Online retail is not a challenge but it is an opportunity to leap into the next bigger thing. Just think that when your retail shop is available on Google, on the first click the consumer gets a response and that first touch point creates a business. With the prompt response, deal is done. We will have to evolve with the change and make our customer services best.”

    Mr Siddharth H K

    The High Wall

    “There has been a complete transformation in showroom looks and their working style because with time they have understood how to take care of the consumer and adapt to the product. They are now sharing the experience with the end user.”

    Ms. Swathy P S

    IKAA Design

    “The principle of retailing is not just good display, it’s about knowing your customer and his need, to understand him, educate and guide him with the right product and taking care of him.”

    Ar Sanjay Agarwal


    “I really enjoyed The Talk of Town event by Surfaces Reporter and appreciate the initiative taken by you.”

    Aashish Vaishnava

    Golf Course Architect

    “It was a really wonderful experience. Meeting all top architect and retailers in a single stage. It was really good we should make this kind of conference more so that it will be a guideline for upcoming designers.”

    Ms. Savitri, Architect

    Tan Design Studio, Bangalore

    “The Talk of Town Lucknow was well organized, nicely conducted and unexpectedly well attended! Congrats for that Madhurima and Surfaces Reporter.”

    Ar KK Asthana

    National Council Member IIA, Lucknow

    “In this age and time, the biggest thing an editorial platform can do – is actually become the base and pave way for design discourse. I am very happy to see Surfaces Reporter’s Initiative ‘The Talk of Town’ Series across multiple cities in India. By generating that kind of engagement within the architectural design community they are creating platforms that foster thought-provoking discussions. At the end of the day, design only grows as much as the discourse for it grows.”

    Ar Sonali Rastogi