• 09, 10 & 11 Oct 2020, NSIC Okhla, New Delhi

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    The 1st Mega Edition of India Interior Retailing (IIR) Conclave & Awards in New Delhi Received Huge Response

    With lot of discussions, knowledge and Idea sharing Architects, Interior Designers, Distributor, Dealers and Exhibitors are looking for sea change in the industry Common people see dreams, passionate follow it and the topping of craziness make that dream a beautiful reality, 20 years back it was a dream to be a voice, a media of untalked, untouched, unorganized trade and that dream eventually turned out to become ‘The Ply Reporter.’ Later we thought of something unconventional yet a strong belief of a unique platform, ‘ India Interior Retailing’ with a dream of seeing the pioneers, the eminent personalities, the visionaries, the change makers, people from top to bottom on a single common platform discussing, arguing, finding solutions and ways for better future for their businesses and trade. The journey began at Lucknow, from there it came to Ahmedabad and then to Bangalore, IIR India Interior Retailing was creating a buzz, an audience, opinions and all together a stage to be bigger and more sensible platform. The industry loved this concept and IIR city event took a shape of National Mega Event.

    11th & 12th October in 2019 National Mega event of IIR– India Interior Retailing started at NSIC Grounds, Okhla, New Delhi with huge gathering and first time ever presence of eminent personality of industry at any kind platform in India. This was first ever experience for the trade people who have visited thousands of exhibitions and conclave, IIR was unique, IIR was different, from inauguration of the event to the last sessions of panel discussion IIR was knowledge packed, crowd packed, house packed and witnessed to be never to be missed platform. It was an amazing and informative event that witnessed the presence of the crème de la crème of the Wood, Panel & Surface Decor fraternity. It also provided an amazing platform for them to engage in an edifying discussion about the trade, its problem and solutions with future prospects.

    The inauguration of India Interior Retailing (IIR) happened at 9.30 am on 11th October, 2019 at NSIC exhibition grounds was packed with more than 3000 people at first sight of morning itself, which was unbelievable for a trade who start their day at 11am. The inauguration of IIR was done in the presence of eminent Industry people such as Mr. Jaydeep Chitalangia, MD, Duro, Mr. Pawan Garg, MD, Alstone, Mr Alok Agarwal, Director, Real Ply, Mr. Surender Arora, Director, Virgo along with Mr. Pragath Dvivedi, Founder, IIR, Mr. Rajiv Parashar, Editor, Ply Reporter etc.

    India Interior Retailing (IIR) Conclave & Awards is a common platform for B2B community in the retail Chain, which is dealing, selling, buying, stocking, importing and distributing interior & architectural products to the B2C market or consumers. The event was also accompanying with WADE ASIA – a flagship event for architecture fraternity by Surfaces Reporter witnessing a number of leading companies from wood panel and building material industry showcasing their innovative products during the event.

    When the session started 300 seats were fully occupied and in next 30 min of conference the hall was packed with hardly any space to stand. The conference hall of IIR was packed in the 1st Panel discussion itself and within 30 minute, 1st Topic of the panel discussion was, Future of Interior Retailing, Moderated by Pragath Dvivedi, Founder – The Ply Reporter, the panelist comprised of Mr. Raj Patel (Royale Touche), Mr. Gopal Dwivedi (Livspace), Mr. Saurabh Jain (Decora Group), Mr. Jagdish Ahuja (AicaLaminate), Mr. Neilesh Kankare (Arch Aid, Mumbai)

    It was amazing session which highlighted various ways in which Retail is evolving what is the future, what difference will an Experience Centre make in retailing, Branding, Behavior, Staff training, Customer engagement and loyalty in retailing, Online-Offline practices, commercial retail shaping up in India, Market stats on Retail business in India. This session had a huge number of listeners and outside the hall also people were able to watch on the big LCD screen placed in exhibition area.

    2nd topic of panel discussion was, “Price Wars – Sailing Through Slowdown” which was moderated by Vertica Dvivedi, Editor-In-Chief, Surfaces Reporter and it had the top people from the trade like Mr. Pawan Garg (Alstone, Delhi), Mr. Jaydeep Chitlangia (Duroply, Kolkata), Mr. Subir Palit (GreenPly, Kolkata), Mr. Ambrish Chhedda (Former VP, Aditya Birla Retail), Mr. Prakash Shah(Builders Home, Ahmedabad), Mr. Pankaj Kumar (Ply Mahal, New Delhi).

    The seasoned experts of their industry discussed about the real time experience and life stories of their business journey, how they survived and struggled through thick and thin of market, how they managed & achieved success, despite turbulent times.

    The 3rd Panel discussion was on the most highlighting session where the focus was on the practices of retailers, who are still so orthodox and back seated in the selling surface and wood décor materials, the topic – what designers want & what retailer must upgrade, was very selective and its panelist was as selective like Mr. Sanjay Agrawal (FRDC, Bengaluru), Mr. Rohit Parmar (studio 0522, Lucknow), Mr. Tushar Kothawade (Studio Infinity,Pune), Mr. Nirav Mehta (Turquoise Bath), Mr. Amit Maheshwari (Grandeur, Bangalore), Mr. Praveen Agarwal (Meraqee, Hyderabad), Mr. Prashant Maheshwari(Ventura International, New Delhi), The panel was moderated by Pragath Dvivedi, Founder- The Ply Reporter

    The top notch panelist of architects and some of best retail showroom owners of India discussed about the need of adaptation for trade and retail cheap product in big volumes or decent quality products in less volumes. What product should be kept a mass or a class? What do designers want from a showroom and how a dealer retail point shall plan his business model?

    A high lunch was served after some brain storming and knowledge full session, post lunch there were more and more eye opening sessions for the retail industry.A stand up comedy by famous Gaurav Gupta was more than enough to reboost the sleepy eyes after lunch Another session which was most awaited and being talked was, ‘How Much Stock Is Not A Dead Stock? (Ref TIER 2 & TIER 3)’ this session was moderated by Rajiv Parashar, Editor, The Ply Reporter and Punit Tambi of Dress Circle, Ahmedabad. This topic banged on the most vital issue of the trade and retailers, wholesaler and everyone in the hall took the most important tips of trading and how to manage inventory. The panelist comprised of Ms. Geetha V G (FAC Architects, Bengaluru), Mr. Rahul Jadon (NodeurbanLab, Lucknow), Mr. Rajiv Agarwal (Asiatic Marketing,Mumbai), Mr. Manish Maheshwari (Ventura International, New Delhi), Mr. Ashish Gupta (Premier Ply Lam Mkt Co, Jaipur), Mr. Sunil Nahata (Shiv Shakti Laminates, Gujarat), Mr. Ramesh Rita(Metro Laminate, Mumbai).

    There were brand presentations and brand like Alliance, P Décor, Praveedh, Manilam, Kalpataru Doors & MAGNUS, the company officials talked about the USP and special features of their product and educated the presence. Then 2 mind boggling sessions of solo talks from very experienced people of their field Mr. ANKUR BISEN, Sr. VP, Technopak Advisors and Kirit Joshi shared their experience in shaping their businesses to new scales and heights, Ankur Bisen talked on, ‘CHANGING TRENDS IN INTERIOR PRODUCT RETAIL’Kirit Joshi of Spacewood talked about, ‘From Failures To Success – Lessons I Learnt During My Entrepreneurial Journey’ his inspiring story of coming from rugs to riches enlightened the present audience in the hall, he stressed on the facts that it’s never a slowdown or market scenario it’s our approach and practices which let us down or cross the hurdle.

    The last session of the day, ‘Importance of Showrooms Design-Layout & Customers’ Needs’ address the expectations of the consumers/architects from Retailers – be it new designs, customer service, availability of stocks, implementation of ideas etc, the panelist also discussed the address issues like sustainable choices, local availability of stocks, customized solutions etc. the house packed audience who are having showrooms and they are in retail business they took away many solutions, they also heard about the most important thing, how the showroom designs play a role in Retail business.

    The panelist comprising of architects/ designers like Mr. Kamalroop Singh Maan (Kr Architecture Studio), Ms. Smriti Sawhney (Design Ex), Ms. Geetanjali Kasliwal (MD, Anantaya), Swathy P.S, KAA Design, Bangalore and some prominent retailers from South and West Mr. Bhavin Shah (Edge Studio, Ahmedabad), Mr. Jignesh R P (ArenIntpro, Bengaluru), Mr. Anand Heda (Heda Plywood, Belgaum) shared their thoughts which helped thousand of gathering to understand the need of proper display. The complete discussion was moderated by Mr Niraj Shah of IDO Design, Ahmedabad.

    A quick fire chitchat with three veterans of the Wood panel, furniture and Consumer goods Mr. Kirit Joshi (Spacewood), Mr. Brajesh Verma (Godrej Interio) & Gopal Dwivedi ( Livespace) ended the day, this session of 15 min moderated by Pragath Dvivedi brought the entire audience on their feet and there could be no better knowledge sharing of the day. After kwoledge sharing and networking it was time of some entertainment and The Ply Reporter team made sure that the fun should continue with a cocktail and dinner party, a beautiful evening ended with some musical nights and cocktails.

    Day 2 of India Interior Retailing-IIR more bigger with some very assertive and sensitive topics, some energetic young entrepreneur and some of them well learned industrialist who are the change makers and icing on the cake was the presentation of Mr. Sajjan Bhajjanka, Chairman (Century Plyboards Ltd.), Just in 10 minutes of 1st session the hall was packed, because the ongoing discussions and presentations were touching the cord of every retailer.

    First was Sanjay Agarwal (FRDC, Bangalore) who shared his views on how the showroom design should be for proper interface and customer experience, the topic Functional Yet Modern Showroom Design & Practices highlighted the importance of showroom retailing.

    Brand presentation by Bhutan Tuff, Wigwam, Flamingo by their company officials highlighted some innovative product range and their quality in front of the present dealers, retailers and trade people.


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