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    Spacewood Kirit Joshi on “From Failure to Success: Lessons I Learnt”

    Kirti Joshi, Spacewood shared experiences of his entrepreneurial journey and said that India is going to become more and more transparent. Things and scenario are going to change rapidly. We must be prepared for extremely right hygiene of the business. Success always comes with the series of combination of the right decisions. Some time we say that what did you made in your life for being so successful. But there is never a singular decision behind the success. There will always be series of right decisions to be successful. But the success should be renewed every year. It’s like a recharging or renewal of subscription of a TV network or other things. We must say that we are successful for today not for tomorrow. So, we need to renew our success every day because it’s never permanent.

    Get adapted to the change is very important in our life. Earlier there was no any consumerism and most of the businesses were B2B. After that era the concept of B2C came. Eventually, now the business is going to transforming from C2B, because the businesses exist behind the customers. In my opinion, most of businesses eventually we involve are C2B not B2C.

    Attempt something hard: Always attempt something hard so your future will be easy. Believe me, if you don’t attempt something hard, you do easy, and your future will be hard. It’s vise-a-versa, If you do hard your future will be easy and if you do easy your future will be hard. Decision is yours.

    Focus on what you are doing: Successful people are focused, not intelligent. I used to tell people that I work hard, I am not intelligent. I have seen good designers, good creative people, and technical people in my organization and they are really extremely intelligent. But yes, I would rather say that you can overcome the intelligent by the hard work and being focused.

    Be a leader: If you are influencing people around you, then you’re the actual leader. Not force the leadership which is
    below you, because they have to accept your leadership because they are below you. So, leadership is all about the influencing people around you.

    Selling is sharing: Today’s world it can be easily realized that there is nothing called a selling. Great sales persons only share the information. Sale is not a phenomena, it is an effect. You do knowledge sharing, information sharing, price sharing, design sharing, product sharing etc. Actually, information you keep on sharing and effect you get is the sale.


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