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    IIR Bareilly

    The historical city of Uttar Pradesh, Bareilly witnessed another successful IIR event, the electrifying gathering of more than 100 retailers, manufacturers and architects came together to this innovative platform to discuss some major issues and exchanged their ideas on the plywood, laminate and veneer as products, innovation, opportunities and challenges.

    Delivering the welcome speech in Bareilly Mr. Rajeev Parashar, managing editor at the Ply Reporter said that people in UP are equally enthusiastic to gather in large numbers for knowledge sharing, It shows the eagerness of change to better materials, to accept the advancement and improvement in the product, to know more about the technical development, uses and applications awareness. Mr. Rajeev invited other speakers to share their views during the seminar. Mr. Virendra Agarwal, President, Bareilly Plywood Manufacturers’ Association said nowadays products have increased many folds from what it was ten years before. Majority of buyers don’t know the species, the technical areas, and applications.

    In one of the panel discussion about the Okume Veneer, Mr Pragat Dvivedi( Founder- Ply Reporter)  said that the cost component of face veneer in case of Gurjan for a North based ply manufacturer is 21%, whereas Okoume component is just 8 % hence plywood producers shall opt for a cheaper face veneer species specially when its adds no strength to plywood. It is inevitable to adopt Okoume whether it is today or tomorrow or six months later.

    Interactive session with panels which included; Mr Kailash Nimani (Veneer producer at Gabon); Mr Umesh Nimani (Plywood manufacturer); Mr Jasveer Singh, CEO, Gabon SEZ and Mr. Ajay Sardana etc with present industry gathering. The discussion was moderated by Mr Pragat Dvivedi. The gathering had a very new experience on listening to the architects and interior designers about the real-time experience of product uses and application.

    The new design, textures, the environmental supported products, sustainability of the products were also the major discussion topics,Mr Umesh Nimani and Mr. Ajay Sardana also put industry views on perception related to grading, cost, supply and sustainable pricing. Mr Deepak Agarwal raised a question of demand and supply gap. Mr. Girish Sharma and Mr. Praveen Choudhary of Greenply briefed about the technical features of Okoume veneer.

    Mr Pragat Dvivedi stressed the need of these kinds of events to explore the opportunities and challenges within the retail segment, the presence of manufacturers and architects was a very suitable platform to discuss all the agendas what a retailer faces.