• 09, 10 & 11 Oct 2020, NSIC Okhla, New Delhi

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    The market is changing and a retailer also should change

    A high voltage panel discussion on the topic, “Need for innovative retailing of wood and decorative products” was moderated by Pragath Dvivedi at Ahmadabad IIR event.

    The top distributors and retailers of the industry made their presence, speaking at the event Alay Nagori, VP, Ahmadabad timber merchant association said,’ There was counted showroom in Ahmadabad, now we are spoiled for choices and option, in the last 15 years situation has changed drastically, there is a big Change, today people have sustained because of the quality innovative products”

    Ketan Thakkar from Nippon plywood discussed the need of a showroom, he said,’ with time we have changed a lot and every retailer should do, the solitaire showroom was the result of the changing market, the display is very important nowadays, as I sell veneer I find that how Important it is to show the full sheet of the product’

    Pragath Dvivedi, Founder- IIR & The Ply Reporter while concluding the event, addressed the presence and Appealed the retailers and said, “Please rise above the conventional display and profit-making margin mindset and bring yourself to process, practices and trust me this will lead to the profit which you had never expected.”


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