• 09, 10 & 11 Oct 2020, NSIC Okhla, New Delhi

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    Focus on the process, not only on profit, says Pragath Dvivedi – Founder IIR

    Speaking at the Bangalore IIR event, IIR founder Pragath Dvivedi enlightened the presence of 200+ Retailers, Architects & Interior Designers with his eye-opening facts and figures of Retail sector market and its behavior. He stressed that Retailers should be a part of the process rather just focusing on profit, he said that, “a retailer has to involve himself in process, that process is related to change in the market, product demand, innovation, consumer behavior, planning your showroom, inventory buildup, the art of selling the interior and building products, this complete process is knowledge-based and every retailer should focus on it, profit will come automatically. Make your mind process driven then only you will drive the profit.”

    Mr. Pragath Dvivedi is also the founder of The Ply Reporter, a 2-decade old magazine of Wood & Panel Industry also known as the ‘Voice of the Trade.’


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