• 09, 10 & 11 Oct 2020, NSIC Okhla, New Delhi

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    Father & Son duo of Edge Studio and Arodrape showroom in Ahmadabad stole the limelight of the event

    IIR, Indian interior retailing at Ahmadabad Event provided a unique platform to the industry for the first time when more than 300+ Retailers, Architects, Designers, & Marketers saw two prominent retail showrooms Father & Son duo discussing the journey, future, challenges, trends from their perspective.  This unique concept of the panel discussion was moderated by Vertica Dvivedi- Founder, Surfaces Reporter.

    This discussion highlighted the business thought and process of two generations, decades of journey, the evolving market in retailing, then and now, the success and failures and lessons.

    Prakash Shah, the father from duo of Ahmadabad, Edge Studio, Builders home said, “Bring something new, do something new always was my vision and that is the reason when in 1978 I started I knew that Vikram chamber’s complete market will come down to Ashram road”

    When asked, that what matters the most in good retailing practices? He said, “In retailing your personal relationship with the customer, your product range, your goodwill all matters, price becomes a small factor in the choice making”

    Bhavin Shah, the son from the duo stressed on the new dynamic changes in the market and said, “Today market is very dynamic, new products are being introduced frequently, it’s changing every day, as a trader we also need to change our business style, our showrooms presentation,  working culture, and selling techniques”.

    On the importance of having a showroom in retail business he said, “Retailing is all about visibility and display is the future, these kinds of investment in your business will surely give you a great scope of success and growth, do it step byes, but do your branding, be visible to your consumer, it pays you. Increase your size according to the market because of your competition might grab that opportunity”

    Another famous duo of father & son was from Arodrape showroom, Pawan Arora and Raghav Arora

    Pawan Arora, the father in Duo said, “Not moving forward is like moving backward, we should accept and go with the market trend and evolve with it because now the market is very advanced and globalized. New trends and innovations should be accepted”

    Raghav Arora the son shared his thought on the importance of a good showroom and said, “without having touch and feel of the product, without experiencing the product physically one doesn’t get enough to know the product, another thing is the location of the showroom, I always believe that there should be a big mall with parking space where a consumer walks in and have the satisfaction of feeling that product”.


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